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You have noted a failure and you want to disclose it

Whistleblow an alert

Whistleblow an alert


Les résultats de l’enquête AFJE et ethicorp.org sur la compliance et la prévention des risques sont disponibles ! 7500 juristes interrogés, 1500 entreprises, c’est la plus grande enquête sur le sujet


ethicorp besoins 3Ethics in business is a necessity for everyone

A failure in company puts everyone at risk
• the company and its executives are exposed to prosecution
• the image of the company is undermined with customers and partners
• losing markets jeopardises jobs
• shareholders lose their investment


ethicorp besoins 5Ethics and security must be structured and proved

Doing nothing is an offense
•fight against corruption, fraud, harassment and discrimination ... is a legal obligation • whistleblowers must be protected
• all companies are concerned, from SMEs to large groups
• everyone, irrespective of their level, must be mobilized


ethicorp besoins 6whistleblowing is received and processed by lawyers

Our ethics is the best protection
• 100% online alerts, 100% secure, 100% effective • lawyers are independent professionals
• lawyers guarantee confidentiality and professional secrecy
• whistleblowers are protected and informed of the follow-up


icones ethicorp deontologueReferral Ethics officer

•Providing a referral Ethics Officer to advise on risk situations, including conflicts of interest, and accompany the entity/company and its teams daily
• Independent lawyers guarantee competence and confidentiality
• Support to management for the implementation of an ethics strategy
• Ethics training


ethicorp besoins 1Risk auditing and risk mapping

Understanding you to protect you
• analyse the risks to which the company is currently exposed
• verify the chain of responsibility and delegations of authority
• suggest prevention measures proportionate to real risks


ethicorp besoins 4Development and monitoring of codes of ethics

Rules of conduct in order to be protected
• definition of roles and effective procedures
• ensure the absence of conflicts of interest
• avoid being a victim of fraud and cyber-attacks
• protect business secrecy


ethicorp besoins 2Training for managers and employees

Being informed in order to be protected
• What are your personal risks?
• on-site training
• online training and e-learning




ETHICORPorg adminEthicorp.org: a quality label

• ethics is our common commitment • client companies can use our label to demonstrate their concern for ethics
• in case of violation of our Charter, we withdraw the right to use the label